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Configuring a "Participant to Team" registration form

The registration form and settings covered in this article will be used to create a registration form that will be used by all participants registering directly to a team within a season.

Follow the steps below to configure the "Participant to Team" registration form.

"Participant to Team" registration form

  • Select the Registration option within a Season.
  • Select the "Set up Form" button for the "Participant to Team" option on the resulting page (to edit an existing form you will select the "Manage" button).
  • Complete the form using the screenshots and table below:

Section Description


Registration period

Set a start and end date/time that the registration form will be available to the public. If a participant accesses the registration form's URL outside of this time frame, they will not be able to register.

2 Registration fees - BV Licence
Information about the Basketball Victoria Licence fee will display in the form indicating that participants registering using the form will be subject to the licence.

More information about the licence can be found here.
3 Base registration fees
Set base fees for registrants. A Player, Coach and Team Manager can all be charged separate fees.

The set fee should be $0 (if the registration will be free) or greater than $1.

4 Advanced registration fees
Advanced fees can be set for Players, only (i.e. not Coaches or Team Managers). A specific amount (and description that will appear to the participant) can be set for an age range and gender. A date to calculate the age of the participant to see if they qualify for an advanced fee must be set, as well, when using advanced fees.

For more information, see the article: Configuring advanced fees for registering players.

5 Custom Fields Create custom questions to ask your participants.
6 Products Select products to add to participant registration forms.
7 Overview information

Information added here will be displayed on the overview page of the registration form.

8 Terms and conditions

Select the toggle to enable your organisation's Terms and Conditions on the registration form.

To change the terms and conditions, head to My Organisation > Overview > Details tab, under Terms and Conditions as described in this article.

  • Click save in the upper right-hand corner.

On completion of the form, the settings will display in a preview tile. 

These settings can be updated by coming back to the Registration tab and selecting the "Manage" button.

Team URLs

A single, unique registration url will not be created for this registration form. However, once this form is configured, a unique url for each existing team / teams created from this point forward, will be available on the Team Detail page for each team within the season. This link can be distributed to any participants who need to register directly to that team.

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