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Allocating participants to teams

Once participants have registered to a Season, they can be allocated to teams. This article covers the allocation of participants–players, coaches and team managers– to teams. 

Allocating players to teams

  • Navigate to the Team page to which you would like to allocate players.
  • Choose the "Allocate player" button in the Players section:

  •  On the resulting screen, you'll see all of the players who are unallocated in your season. You can filter them with Gender and DOB filters, or you can choose to allocate players who are already allocated by unticking the "Unallocated" tickbox:

  • Tick the boxes of the players you would like to allocate to the team and choose the option to "Allocate":

  • The players are allocated on the team where they can be unallocated by clicking on the "Unallocate" link. 

Editing player numbers

  • Once players have been allocated, you can edit their players numbers by selecting the "Edit player numbers" option at the top of the player list. 

  • Enter player numbers for your allocated players on the resulting screen and select save in the upper right corner when you're finished:

Allocate coaches, assistant coaches, and team managers to teams

The process to allocate coaches, assistant coaches and team managers to teams is very similar to allocating player. Simply select the "Allocate" button in position you'd like to allocate on the right side of the Team page and use the resulting page to filter and choose the correct coach or team manager:

Note that you can only allocate participants who've registered as the role of Coach to Coach positions; and the same applies to Team Managers.

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