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Managing exception dates for a grade

Exception dates are individual days, or a date range, that the fixture generation process will exclude. There are a few important things to consider when setting exception dates:

  • Exception dates can be set while you're generating your fixture or can be edited after a fixture has been generated.
  • You can choose a range of dates or a single day.
  • More than one exception date entry can be added.   
  • Exception dates can also be created and managed at the season level here.                                                                                                     

Viewing and editing exception dates

Once you've generated your fixture, you may view a grade's exception dates by navigating to the following location:

  1. Select the grade
  2. Select the Settings tab 
  3. Select the Fixturing sub-tab
  4. Scroll toward the bottom of the page and existing exception dates will display.
  5. Exception dates can be edited by selecting the Edit Exception Dates button.

Any season exception dates created after the fixture was generated will need to be ticked for the date to apply.  Select the Review Dates button to preview the changes and select Generate to apply the changes to your fixture.

Allocating a game to an exception date

The system allows a game to be manually allocated to any date after a fixture has been generated. This includes an exception date–however, in this situation you will be notified that the date you've chosen falls on an exception date before you save the game:

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