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Viewing a grade's regular season fixture

Once you've generated a fixture for a grade, it will be available for you to view anytime, within the grade. This article will provide you with an overview of a grade's regular season fixture page. For more information on a finals fixture, see the viewing a grade's finals fixture article. 

Viewing a grade's regular season fixture

  • Select the Grade name (that you want to view the fixture for) or the "View Fixture" button on a Grade within a Season's Grade list.
  • You'll arrive on the regular season fixture for the grade. Use the screenshot and table below to understand the elements of the page:



Fixtures, Ladders, and Settings tabs
The fixtures, ladder and settings tabs assist with navigation between these elements in the selected grade.
Regular Season and Finals fixture tabs
The regular season and finals fixture tabs navigate between the regular season and finals (if available) fixture.
Add a Game
The 'Add a game' button allows you to add regular season games to your fixture. Learn how to do this in the add a regular season game to your grade's fixture article.
Round details
The round banner groups the date(s) and games related to the round.
The date, or dates that games are scheduled for/took place on will appear under date groupings within a round.
Game details
A game details row includes the following:
  • Home and Away teams
  • Each team's outcome (e.g. Win, Loss, Draw, Forfeit, Disqualification), if game is finalised
  • Team scores
  • Time of the game–this could be TBC
  • Venue and court–this could be TBC
  • Game status–see cell below
  • Game options–see cell below Game status
Game status
The game status indicates the current state of a game. One of the following values may apply to a game at any given time:
  • Upcoming - The game is in the future and has not had scores entered / been finalised.
  • Pending - The game start time has passed but scores have not been entered / game has not been finalised.
  • Final - The game has been finalised–either via scores being entered or from marking a team(s) as forfeited / disqualified.
  • AbandonedThe game has been abandoned.
  • CancelledThe game has been cancelled.
Learn more about scoring and updating games in the Game Day details and scoring section.
Game options
When selecting the ellipses, the following options are displayed:
Select the links below to learn more about each option:
Choose files or drag and drop files
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