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Allocating a game direct from the Fixture View

Once a grade's fixture has been generated, you can allocate games to venues and courts and specify game times in four ways:

This article covers Allocating a game direct from the Fixture View to assign a single game to a venue, court and time when you are viewing a grade's regular-season fixture. From a  grade's fixture you can also allocate games when creating or adding new games. Finals fixture games can also be allocated by navigating to the grade's final fixture and following the same steps below.

Allocating a venue, court and time from a fixture

  • Navigate to the Competition Management menu.
  • Select the competition and season.
  • Select either the Grade name or the "View Fixture" button beside the Grade name.
  • The Fixture tab is now displaying the Regular Season Fixture.
  • Select the 'ellipses' beside the game you'd like to edit (switch to the Finals sub-tab to allocate finals games)
  • Select "Edit Game Details".  The Game details and Allocation sections are now displayed.  More information can be found on the Edit Game Details from the Fixture page.  
  • Under Allocation, assign your venue, court, date and time.
  • Confirm your changes by selecting the "Update & Save" button.

Venue allocation
Venues can be allocated once the fixture has been generated.  The venues and courts list are managed by Basketball Victoria.  Once a venue is selected the linked courts are available in the Court field.
Once the venue has been selected, the court field is enabled and only the courts linked to the venue will be available.
Enter the date of your prospective match, or select a date by clicking on the the calendar icon. Manual game allocation can occur on any date irrespective if an exception date that has been configured.
Start time, End time
Setting the start time automatically populates the end time, based on the game duration set in the Grade Game day details. You can revise these details in your Game Settings at anytime, under Total court time (mins).

The time is set in 5-minute increments, meaning you cannot set a game start time of 5:43pm but it can be set as either 5:40pm or 5:45pm.

Once saved, the game details appears on the fixture page next to the game you've chosen.

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