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Allocating games using Game Slots

Once a grade's fixture has been generated, you can allocate games to a venue, court and specify game times in four ways:

This article covers allocating games using Game Slots to assign multiple games to venues, courts and times, when you are viewing a season's game allocations.  This article builds on the information contained in Understanding Game Slots.

To start allocating your regular-season (not finals) games using Game Slot allocation start on the Allocations tab:

Allocate games using Game Slots

  • Navigate to the Competition Management menu.
  • Select the competition and season.
  • Select the Allocations tab.
  • Select the Game Slots sub-tab (this will only appear for domestic competitions)
  • Select the "View" button on the day of the week that has been allocated (if previously assigned) or requires games to be allocated.
  • You'll then arrive on the Game slot allocation page, List View.

Game slot allocation, List View

The list view allows you to allocate your vacant slots, and function similar to allocating games using the List View, with a couple of differences.  The Game Slot Allocation List View allocates grade slots across a season whilst the Game Allocation List View is for allocating specific games by a specific round and game.

Multiple grades will be listed here if they're fixtured to the same day.
This lists the number of slots generated for this day. Allocating your game based on slots means that all games will follow these parameters:
  • All games are at the same venue
  • All games are on the same day
  • All games are at the same time 
  • All games are for an entire season
Read more on understanding game slots.
The allocation status will display. An overview of the potential allocation statuses can be found here.
The undo option appears next to a Status when a change has been made.If selected, it removes any changes and reverts the information back to the last saved state.
The venue field only displays the preselected venues that were chosen during the season setup. To add venues not listed in this drop-down, read the selecting the venues used in a season article.
This field is enabled once the venue is selected. Only the courts that are available at that venue are displayed.
Start time
Setting the game start time automatically calculates the game end time based on the duration of the game set in the Grade Game day details. You can revise this setting in your Game Settings, Total court time (mins).

The time can be set in 5-minute increments, meaning you cannot set a game start time of 5:43pm but can be set as either 5:40pm or 5:45pm.

Game slot allocation, Calendar View

Similar to allocating games using the Calendar View, the Game Slot Allocation Calendar View allows you to allocate grade slots by utilising the drag-and-drop feature on the calendar to resolve game slot (grade) clashes.

The screenshot below displays unsaved game slot allocations that show no game slot clashes. 

  • Green games indicate a saved allocation, that has no conflict with another game.
  • Blue games indicate that their are unsaved changes to a game allocation and there are no conflicts with another game.  
  • Red games indicate that there are multiple grade slots allocated to the same venue, court and time and one or more grades must be moved. 

Click Update changes to save changes.

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