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Managing a player's "Played" status for a game

Game Day offers an opportunity to assign players as having played in a specific game by assigning the "In" or "Out" status per player, per game.

Setting your players "In" will record a "played" status against the participant and increases their games played count. 

To move a player into the "In" status, first locate your game in Game Day:

  • Navigate to the Game Day menu.
  • The date defaults to today's date.  If you are searching for games on a different day, use the calendar icon to enter the date.  (Games can also be filtered by Grades). 
  • Select the "Details" button for a given game.

Alternatively, you can reach this same page through the fixture:

  • Navigate to the Competition Management menu.
  • Select the competition and season.
  • Select your grade.
  • Select the 'ellipses' next to the game you'd like to edit.
  • Select 'Update Scores and Stats'.

Moving Players in/out

The players who are registered to each team will be listed, ordered by singlet/player number. 

  • Select the + icon next to the player name to add them to the "In" section for this game
  • Repeat for each appropriate player and for both teams.

The players will then appear in the "In" section (played in the team for this game), with any remaining players listed below in the "Out" section (did not play in the team for this game).  The line up number is updated when players are added to the line up and will not allow further players to be added if the maximum is reached.   More information on creating player limits can be found here.

Remember to save your changes by selecting the "Update changes" button located at the top right hand corner.  Once changes are saved you'll receive a success notification on the screen.

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