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Managing a grade's ladder settings

Ladder configurations affect how a ladder is calculated and displayed on the grade's public page.

To reach this location follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to the Competition Management menu.
  • Select the competition and season
  • Select the grade
  • Select the Settings tab
  • Select the Ladder sub-tab
  • Under ladder settings, you'll see the following options available below with the table providing further information on each section:

Ranking type
Ranking types set the current format choice for ladder calculation and display: Total ladder points or Ladder points average. Read more on understanding these ladder formats.
Ladder visibility
This option sets whether you would like to show your ladder on your PlayHQ public site. This setting does not affect how ladders are calculated.
Ladder results
To allow for regrading at certain rounds, this option allows the ladder calculation to commence at a particular round.

Once you've made any updates, confirm your settings by selecting the "Update & Save" button. You can return and reset the ladder configuration at any time.

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