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Managing manual ladder adjustments in a grade

Making manual adjustments to your ladder throughout the season allows for curating teams in a competition as situations arise. This can be done using the Ladder Adjustments option on the Ladder tab.

Ladder adjustments allow for ladder (championship) point adjustments per round, per team. To begin making an adjustment, proceed with the following instructions:

  • Navigate to the Competition Management menu.
  • Select the competition and season
  • Select the grade
  • Select the Ladder tab
  • Select the "Ladder adjustments" button

Your view will then contain the following mandatory fields:

This field specifies the round that the ladder (championship) point adjustment will be applied to.
This field specifies which team will have their points adjusted.
This field specifies how many ladder (championship) points the teams ladder points should be adjusted by.  Points can be added to a team, or, points can be subtracted from a team's total (enter via the negative '-' key to subtract points)
Reason for points adjustment
This field contains the reasoning behind the ladder point adjustment. These details are not published to the public site. Only other administrators will be able to see these reasons.
+ Add
 Once you've completed the fields above, select "+ Add" button to submit the adjustment.

You'll be able to see a list of your adjustments saved beneath the entry fields. Only the point adjustment value entered are reflected on the ladder display. 

To undo changes, simply select "Removeto delete. You'll then receive a confirmation pop-up message, select "Confirm" to commit the removal.

You'll then be notified of the removal success.

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