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Determining the round that a regrade will begin from

Determining the round that a regrade will begin will allow you to run games without displaying the results to the general public, hiding it from the public PlayHQ Discover site.

The ladder can be controlled when to commence round calculation. This allows for rounds to play to help determine which teams need to be redistributed to other grades to better balance the competition.

To do this, a fixture needs to be first generated, from the settings you can then choose round which to commence your ladder calculations.

Consider the ramifications from this application.

To reach this location follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the competition management menu item
  2. Select your competition
  3. Select your season tile
  4. Select your grade
  5. Select the Settings tab
  6. Select the Ladder sub-tab
  7. Under ladder settings, you'll see the option in the screenshot below

Your selections in this instance will allow you to choose the rounds you'd like to commence your regrading. 

For example, in the screenshot below, Rounds 1 to 3 will be used as a regrading period and the ladder will only display rounds starting from Round 4. By default, regrading will include any points or results from Round 1. 

However, you can select the toggle "Only include results from this grade*", which mean it will disregard the results from previous rounds, and only count from the indicated round and onward.

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