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Understanding the impact of regrading on a grade's fixture

Regrading teams will always have an impact on a grade's fixture and may alter the allocation of games. 

The impact varies depending on the number of teams you've regraded in/out of a grade. Depending on the various factors (how many teams were added and/or removed during the regrading process), the system will regenerate the fixture of all future rounds and will aim to keep the pre-grading court and time allocation of the games. However, maintaining the allocation of all games is not always possible and you should ensure that all games in future rounds of a regraded grade have games appropriately allocated to a court and time.

Swapping Teams between Grades

For a direct swap of teams between grades (ie: 'n' teams In, 'n' teams Out) the fixture is least impacted, as the swapped teams will simply replace their positions within a fixture. In this instance, the allocation of all future games is not impacted (even those games that you have manually adjusted for compatibility or other reasons).

Adding Teams to a Grade

For new or extra team/s from other grades, the system will automatically redraw the grade’s fixture to include these added team/s. This will change the fixture pattern from the redrawn round onward. If more than one team is added to a grade,  this results in a new game slot/s being added to the grade (added due to the additional team/s). You'll need to allocate any newly created game slots. If the addition of a team/s results in the grade having an odd number of teams, then a Bye will be added to each round.  Read the article to better understand Game Slots

If you previously allocated all your Game Slots, return to the Game Slot allocation tab to see that the game slots will now indicate that a game slot/s need to be allocated.

Removing Teams from a Grade

Removing teams from a grade will have different repercussions to a fixture, such as the following: 

  • reduction in the number of game slots required per round
  • the requirement for a bye per round may be affected
  • the number of games per round may be affected

It's always recommended after any regrading to review the grade's fixture to ensure your changes suit your needs. 

To start regrading (moving, swapping or removing teams), head to the Moving or Swapping grades article.

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