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Understanding the impact of regrading on a grade's ladder

As you move teams for regrading, you can choose to include results from their original grade, however, both the former ladder (if the team comes from another grade) and the new ladder can be affected. 

This article addresses the impact regrading may have against the ladder of that season to which the regrade has been applied.

To help with ladder impacts, on the regrading page in the screenshot below, the ladder displayed on the right-hand side shows the latest results based on the current round of regrading for that grade:

Adjusting Ladder Results

PlayHQ allows you to choose which round you would like to start calculating ladder results from and whether or not you'd like to include results from this grade. To change your settings:

  1. Navigate to Competition Management
  2. Select the season
  3. Select the grade
  4. Select the Settings tab
  5. Select the Ladder sub-tab
  6. Under Ladder Results, switch the toggle to enable/disable the "Only include results from this grade"
  7. Update & Save

By enabling this toggle, the grade will retain both their points and percentage, irrespective of whether the re-graded team had played all teams or only some teams within the Division prior to regrading.

Read further on determining the round that a regrade will begin from.

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