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Viewing a grade's finals fixture

After you've generated your fixture and viewed your grade's regular-season fixture, you can now view your finals fixture provided you've enabled 'finals' during your fixture generation setup. To explore further, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Competition Management menu. 
  • Select the competition and season.
  • Select either the Grade name or the "View Fixture" button beside the Grade name.
  • The Fixture tab is now displaying the Regular Season Fixture.
  • Select the Finals sub-tab to view the grade's finals fixture. 

The finals round format is determined by the finals options you chose when generating the finals fixture with placeholders for the team names. As teams progress into the finals, these team name placeholders will be replaced with specific team names after you assign finals teams

Similar to the regular season's fixture, you can edit the Game Details (time, venue and court) and Update Scores & Stats using the 'ellipses' icon located in line with the appropriate game details.   

The 'Add a game' button allows you to add a finals game to your finals fixture. Learn how to do this in the Adding a finals game to a grade's fixture article.

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