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Undoing scoring events

This article describes how to undo scoring fouls, scores and timeouts, view the event log and remove an event from the event log in the PlayHQ electronic scoring application.

Undoing the previous event

To undo the previously recorded foul, score or timeout, select the Undo arrow in the bottom left corner of the form:

In this example, Didier Drogba's personal foul was the last recorded event, so when the Undo button is used, Didier's foul is removed, his team's foul total is decremented and a confirmation message is displayed:

This process can be repeated for the next most recent foul, score or timeout recorded until the game's event log is empty.

Viewing the event log

The event log contains a list of all fouls, scores and timeouts recorded for the game. The event log can be viewed by selecting the Event Log button in the bottom left corner of the form:

Once selected, a list of all events captured during the game is displayed:

Removing an event from the event log

To remove a specific event from the event log, select the remove icon against the event in the event log then select Done:

In this example, Angela Adams' two-point field goal was removed from her individual and team point total:

Congratulations! You've learned how to remove an event from the event log.

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