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Forfeiting a game

This article describes how to forfeit a game and submit the result in the PlayHQ electronic scoring application.

Forfeiting a game

To forfeit a game, select the game ellipses menu (...)  in the top left corner of the form, then select Forfeit Game:

Select the team(s) that forfeited then select Submit:

Finally, enter the session PIN then select Confirm:

Congratulations! The game has been forfeited and result submitted. The game will now appear in the list of Completed games:

If the electronic scoring device is online, a Tick icon will be displayed indicating that the game result was successfully submitted and can be viewed on the PlayHQ discover portal. If the device is offline, a Circle icon will be displayed indicating that the game's result has not yet been submitted.

Publishing rules

If a game's result has already been finalised in the PlayHQ admin portal or submitted by another electronic scoring device, it will not be overridden by any subsequently submitted game results.

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