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Setting up an electronic scoring session

This article describes how to set up an electronic scoring session in the PlayHQ electronic scoring application.

Electronic scoring sessions are used to encapsulate a series of games played at a venue, allow a PIN to be specified to submit game results and also allow game data to be downloaded to your device to support offline scoring.

Set up an electronic scoring session

To set up an electronic scoring session, first login to the PlayHQ electronic scoring application. After logging in, the New Session form will be displayed:

On this form, you will need to select a venue, days, then set a PIN to proceed:

  • Venue: The venue where electronically-scored games will be played
  • Days: The days that electronically-scored games will be played on
  • PIN: A 4 digit number used when confirming and publishing game results and locking the device

To select a venue, select the venue plus (+) button, type the venue name to find the venue then select the venue name or the plus (+) button:

Only one venue can be selected at a time. The venue you select will be stored on your device for easy selection next time.

To select the days of games to download, use the plus (+) button to select one or more days then select Add:

To set up a PIN, select the PIN plus (+) button, enter a PIN, confirm the PIN then select Done:

Note: The PIN will need to be known by officials who are responsible for confirming each game's result/outcome. The PIN must be entered at the end of each game (typically by a referee) for the game result to sent to the database (when the device is connected to the internet).

You're nearly done! Select Start session to download games  to the device:

Games being played at your venue on the selected days will now be downloaded to your device. If no games are scheduled to be played at the venue on the selected day(s), an error message will be displayed:

After the games have been downloaded, your device is ready to score games while online or offline.

If you're ready to start electronic scoring, lock the device to a court then select a game to score.

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