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How can I obtain a refund?

There may be several scenarios when you need to arrange for a refund, including:

  • Registered to the wrong Club or Association
  • Double-charge of registration fee
  • Refund of a Team Registration

Registered to the wrong Club or Association

Check the payment breakdown of your receipt. 

If your receipt show a Club and Association component, you will need to contact both to complete your refund as the amounts are dispersed to each entity separately. Otherwise, you only need to contact the Club or Association that you have registered to.

If your registration included the Basketball Victoria licence fee, you will not need to arrange for this to be refunded as it will automatically be applied when you complete your correct registration (pending the 365-day BV license fee has not expired).

Please review the Basketball Victoria Terms & Conditions of Participation here for further information about the BV licence fee refund policy.

Double-charge of a registration fee

If you have been double-charged, you will need to contact the Club and/or Association as well as Basketball Victoria to arrange for a refund of each of the amounts that will have been dispersed to each organisation.

Please have your receipts or screenshots of the double-charge from your bank account available.

Refund of a Team registration

If your Team requires a refund, you will need to contact the Association that hosts the competition to arrange for a refund.

If you are still unsure about how to arrange for a refund, please click here to lodge a support ticket and our team will investigate further. 

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