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Configuring Merchandise and adding them to registration forms.

This article describes how to set up merchandise in the PlayHQ admin portal.


Merchandise allows products to be created, managed and offered for purchase to participants and teams during the registration process.   The new Orders Report will assist Administrators to track orders and manage fulfilment and the Transaction Report will display purchases.

Creating and viewing Merchandise

Products are configured at an organisation level and can be viewed in the Merchandise area.

Navigate to Merchandise > Products:

Previously created products will display here, otherwise products can be created by selecting the Add Product button.

Creating a Product

Select the 'Add Product' button to create a product and then follow the numbered steps in the image below. 

# Section  Description
1 Product Name Enter the product name.  (Limit of 100 characters)
2 Description Enter an item description which will display beneath the product name on registration forms where the product has been added.  (Limit of 140 characters)
3 Product Active Active products can be added to registration forms and will display on the Merchandise Products page.  
Inactive products cannot be added to registration forms and will not display to participants registering.  Inactive products can be viewed by selecting ''inactive'' from the filter on the Merchandise > Products page.
4 Product Type Products will either be single products or will contain multiple variations such as size or colour. Switching between variations and a single product will remove additional variations.
5 Amount
The amount must be over one dollar (AUD).
5 SKU The Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) is optional.  The SKU will display on the transaction report and can be used to assist with inventory management.
5 Availability If a product is marked as Available it will be available for purchase on registration forms.  
If the Available box is unchecked  for a product or variation, the product will display as unavailable on registration forms.
6 Save Select the 'Save' button to save and create the product.

Below is an example of a Product with variations.  The key differences are the ability to change the order of the variations (by dragging and dropping the row-this determines the order the variations are displayed to participants on the registration form) and the ability to delete variations.  

Note: There must be at least two variations in order to save.  

Viewing a Product

Once a product has been added it will appear on the Merchandise > Products page.  The Product name, if there are variations, price range and the product's "Active" status will also display.  

Inactive products can be viewed by selecting ''Inactive Products'' from the filter.  

Editing and deleting a Product 

Once a product has been added it will appear on the Merchandise > Products page.  Active and Inactive products can be edited at any time by clicking on the 'Edit' button. 

All fields are able to be edited.  

Products and variations are also able to be deleted by selecting the rubbish bin icon at the bottom of the page for a single product or in the same row as the variation.  

Note: A product or variation cannot be deleted if it is being used on a registration form or it has already been purchased.  To prevent the product from appearing on registration forms, a product can be made inactive.

Adding Products to registration forms 

Once a product has been created, saved and has an "Active" status, they can then be added to any registration form.   Navigate to the Competition > Season > Registration tab, where products can be added when setting up or managing a registration form.

Once added, the order can be adjusted by dragging and dropping a product to determine display order of products on the registration form.  The number of variations will display along with the price range and status.  Products can also be removed from the registration forms.  

Note: If products have been added to a form and then made inactive, they will  no longer appear on the registration forms, however they will still appear when managing a registration form.   

Registration forms 

Once a product has been created and added to a registration form under the Products tab and it will be displayed as per the below screenshot.  

Note: Unavailable products are not available to be purchased but will still display, see the Black Shorts Medium size above.  

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