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Adding a finals game to a grade's fixture

You can add finals games to a grade's finals fixture at any point. The game will be considered part of the finals and will count toward ladder calculation and other statistics. This article covers the process and elements of adding a finals game to a fixture.

Adding a game to a finals fixture

  • Navigate to the Grade's finals fixture that you would like to add a game to.
  • When viewing the finals fixture, click on the "Add a Game" button (this is described in the Viewing a grade's finals fixture article).
  • You'll arrive on the Create new game page. The elements on the page are described in Adding a regular season game to a grade's fixture
  • There are 2 main differences between adding a finals game and adding a regular season game:
    • i - if you don't know the name of the team that will play in the finals game, you can select "TBC Team" option from the drop-downs in Home / Away team field
    • ii - Round selector allows you to select from finals rounds

Once the required fields have been entered in the new game, the Add game button will become available in the upper right corner.  Selecting it will save the game and display it in the round that was chosen within the fixture:

The new finals game will be assigned the next game number available in a finals fixture. This number will be displayed inline as for the other games in a finals fixture.

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