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Releases week of 13th April

Releases week of 13th April

In this release (releases delivered over the week of the 13th of April) we have released the following enhancements:

PlayHQ enhancements

The following enhancements have been made with a focus on reporting enhancements.

  • Finals fixture settings page not displaying for custom finals
  • If finals game falls on exception date, review fixture screen shows an error
  • Competition reports page shows an error if reports have never been generated
  • Reports button locked when doing multiple report downloads
  • Can no longer update games with a finalised status on game day page
  • Update error message on Electronic scoring when reseting PIN or ending a session
  • Games Played report: clearing a game result still counts a game played for a player left in
  • Reports - Custom fields not ordered as per order in comp set up page
  • Prevent games with a finalised status being updated on the Game Day page.

Season exception dates

  • The ability to define exception dates when creating a new season which then can be adopted when creating NEW fixtures.  These season exception dates can also be updated under Season Settings. 

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Merchandise delete products and orders report

  • A new Merchandise Orders report to assist administrators to track order and fulfilment numbers of products.

  • Ability for Administrators to delete products and variants.

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