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Releases week of 29th June

In this release (release delivered on 3rd July) we have released the following enhancements to Tournaments and Fixture upload.


  • Fixture view for grade with and without pools in the Admin Portal
  • Ladder(s) view for grade with and without pools in the Admin Portal
  • Ladder(s) view for grade with and without pools in the Participant Portal
  • Ladder adjustments for grade with and without pools
  • Display pool name on games in Allocations area (list and calendar view, allocated and unallocated games)
  • Ability to add and remove finals from finals tab and from fixture settings screen in the Admin Portal
  • Ability to assign teams to finals for fixture with and without pools
  • Pool name display on a game in Electronic Scoring
  • Fixture view (pool, no pool, team fixture page) in Participant Portal
  • Fixture settings screen
  • Add / Edit / Remove games in Tournaments fixture
  • Display pool on printable scoresheets
  • Tournaments reporting
  • Bugfixes:
    • Un-assign and re-seed teams still available in fixtured grade
    • "Generate fixture" button not appearing until screen is refreshed
    • Exception dates still available when editing season for Tournaments
    • Large hamburger notifications on Game Day page
    • "Done" button available to be clicked while games are still allocating
    • Add help text "Please enter the number of rounds required for each pool"

Support article for managing Tournaments pools:

Fixture Upload

  • The Fixture Upload feature allows organisations to create, update or extend a fixture in the system via uploading a specifically formatted file containing the fixture details.  Fixture Upload offers a flexible solution to generate a fixture, regrade teams and allocate games but is only intended to be used in specific circumstances. An additional benefit is that rounds can also be added or removed for fixtured grades.

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1) Generating a fixture upload

2) Regrading using the fixture upload

3) Adding or removing rounds via the fixture upload

4) Game allocations using the fixture upload

5) Fixture Upload Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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