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Transferring program participants between organisations

Programs feature is currently in beta and is not yet available to all users in Production (coming December 2020), feature is available for testing only please contact your PlayHQ administrator for access to the relevant testing environment.

This article describes how to transfer a shared program participant between organisations in the same program season.


Program transfers allow a participant who has registered to one organisation to have their registration transferred to a different organisation in the same program season. When a participant's registration is transferred, their existing registration is cancelled in the source organisation and a new registration is created in the destination organisation.

Program transfers can only be performed by a super admin or an administrative body admin user of an admin body that is a 'parent' of both organisations involved in the transfer.

Program transfers do not allow a participant to be transferred:

  • From a program to a competition
  • To a different season
  • To a different program

  Tip: If a participant needs to be transferred for the scenarios above, cancel the participant's registration and instruct them to register to the required competition, program or season.

Transfer a participant between organisations

To transfer a participant between organisations, search for the participant to transfer and navigate to their profile. On the profile page, expand the registration record to be transferred then select Transfer:

Select a Destination Organisation then select Transfer:

Once transferred, the existing registration record will be cancelled and a new record created at the destination organisation:

  Tip: Ensure you're 'Using As' your admin body when performing a program transfer

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