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Configure a shared program registration form

Programs feature is currently in beta and is not yet available to all users in Production (coming December 2020), feature is available for testing only please contact your PlayHQ administrator for access to the relevant testing environment.

This article describes how a club or association can configure a shared program season registration form.


Shared program registration forms are used by participants to register to a shared program season, and must be configured by clubs and associations delivering the program in order for the program to accept registrations.


Configure a shared program registration form

Once an admin body administrator has created a shared program and season and has launched the season, administrators from participating organisations will see the program and season in their organisation's program and season list.

To configure a shared program registration form, navigate to the program by selecting the program within the Programs area:

Select the relevant season from the season list:

Navigate to the Settings area within the season's Registration tab then select Set up:

Enter the Registration Period and any Age Restrictions that need to be applied to participants.

  Note: If a parent organiastion has applied age restrictions, you will only be allowed to select ages within the range of the parent organisation

Enter Registration fees and set up advanced registration fees if required.

  Note: Fees added by parent organisations appear with a 'lock' symbol and cannot be removed from the registration form.

If you wish to add products to your registration form, select any required products, the roles that each product will be available to during registration, and whether those products are mandatory for those role(s) to purchase during registration.

  Note: Products added by parent organisations cannot be removed from the form.

Enter any required Pricing information or Additional information that will be displayed to registrants at the start of the registration process. 

Next, select whether your organisation's terms and conditions are displayed during registration, select a Registration visibility setting then select Groups to continue your registration form setup:

Configuring groups

The second step of the registration setup process is to configure any groups that your participants can register to during registration. For more information on groups and how they are used in PlayHQ, refer to Creating and managing groups.

To create a group, enter a Name and the Day, the number of Sessions, Start Date, Gender, Start Time and End Time then select Create Group to create the group:

When you have created your groups, select Save & Launch to complete the registration setup process:

Once completed, your registration form can be updated by selecting Manage on the registration form's details area:

Congratulations! Your registration form is now displayed on (if the visibility setting allows) and the program is ready for participants to register to when the registration period becomes active.

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