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Managing competitions

This guide shows you how to Create, Edit or Delete a competition in your organisation

A competition is a collection of grades that run for one or more seasons (Eg. 'Junior Domestic',  'Senior Domestic', 'Australia Day Tournament'). 


  1. Navigate to Competition Management using the left navigation menu 
  2. Click the 'Add Competition' button
  3. Complete three fields (refer to below screenshot )

a). Competition Type

b). Competition Name

c). Competition Visibility

4. Click the 'Next' button, to complete the Grade Default Game Settings. 

(These settings will display as the default settings when new grades are created).

5. On completion of the fields displayed above, select the 'Create Competition' button.

  • When your Competition is set up, you can then proceed to Set up your Season. 
  • If you need to Edit, or Delete a Competition, follow the steps below:


You can update your competition details anytime by selecting:

1. The Competition tile, and 

2. Settings tab

3. Update the information you would like to change 

4. Click 'Update & Save'


To delete a competition, you must be in Edit mode.

2. Click on 'Delete Competition' option in the lower-left corner of the page

3. Confirm the deletion by clicking 'Delete competition' , or click 'Cancel' to return to the previous page without deleting the competition

  Handy Tip: The 'Delete Competition' button will be disabled if your Competition contains at least one season. 

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