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Managing seasons

This guide shows you how to Create, Edit or Delete a Season. 

After creating your competition, you'll need to set up your season prior to setting up grades.


  1. In the Competition Management menu, select the 'Competition' tile
  2. Select the 'Add Season' button
  3. Complete five fields , numbered below

1. Season name:  Select the relevant season name from the dropdown list

  Handy Tip: The same Season Name can be used for multiple Competitions e.g. you could use season name "Summer 2019/20" for both a Junior Domestic competition, as well as a Senior Domestic competition.

However, a Season Name can only be used once in a Competition e.g. if you have a "Senior Domestic" Competition, you can only offer the "Winter 2020" Season once for that Competition.

2. Season dates: Select a season start and a season end date 

These dates will be visible to participants when registering. 

  Handy Tip: The dates can be altered later for individual grades of competition

3. Exception dates: Enter any dates that will not have games scheduled (i.e. public holidays). 

For more information, read this article on managing exception dates.

4. Select venues: Select/search for all venues where games will be played during the season, for your competition

For more detail on this section, read the article Selecting the venues used in a season.

5. Season visibility: Choose  whether this season is visible on the PlayHQ website

When you have completed all fields, click the 'Create Season' button on the top right corner. 

 Once your season has been set up, you can then proceed to set up your grades.


You can come back here anytime to change or edit these settings by simply going to your Competition name, then proceed with the following:

  1. Select the Season tile
  2. Select the Settings tab 
  3. Change the required information you chose when you created the Season.
  4. Select Save & UpdateNote: clicking Cancel will roll back any changes you've entered before saving.

  Handy Tip: Make sure any Club registration forms linked to your season have a start date within six months of the season start date of a competition.


Once your season has been created, you're able to come back to this Settings tab and see the ''Delete Season' button. 

  Handy Tip: The Delete Season button is only visible once the season has been created. 

  1. Select the Season tile
  2. Select the Settings tab
  3. Select the Delete season option in the lower left corner
  4. Confirm that you'd like to delete in the resulting screen—Note: clicking Cancel will return you to the previous page.

  Handy Tip: The season cannot be deleted if it contains at least one transaction, grade, team or configured registration. You can set the visibility to 'Hidden' to hide it from public, however it remains visible on the PlayHQ Admin portal. 

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