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Managing teams

Teams can be created in two ways: 

  1. Manually within a season by an organisation administrator; or 
  2. By team organisers who register teams using the online team registration process.  

This article covers the creation of teams manually by an organisation administrator. 

Create a team

  • Select the Season
  • Select the Teams sub-tab in the Season
  • Select the "Add a Team" button
  • Complete the form using the screenshots and table below:

Here is a brief description on the Team fields found in this form: 

  1. Gender - mandatory, select from Boys, Girls, Men, Mixed, Women, Unspecified
  2. Age group - mandatory, select a range from U8-U23, Open or Unspecified
  3. ID - optional field, this is used as a team identifier (EG: A, B, Red, Yellow)
  4. Team name - your full team name, this will be displayed throughout fixtures, results, and ladders

Once you've completed the fields, select the "Add team" button in the top right-hand side to commit the team to the season. You'll be notified of your success.

Edit a team

To make adjustments to your team settings, navigate back to the Teams tab within your Season, and select "View" on the right-hand side of the grade name.

Proceed to select the "Edit team" button. 

You'll then be presented with the fields from "Create a team". Make your necessary changes, then commit them by selecting the "Update & Save' button in the top right-hand corner.

You'll be notified of the successful change completion:

Delete a team

Similar to deleting competitions, seasons and grades, you cannot delete a team if there are members allocated or if a registration form has been generated for that team. 

If you haven't generated a registration form, and all the team members (including any team personnel, i.e. coach, team organisers, etc) have been unallocated, then the "Delete team" button will then be active and a message will appear to reconfirm the deletion.

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