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Viewing registration fees and accepting terms and conditions

You'll find yourself on the Fees  page in the registration process after you've either completed the Participant Details page while registering as a player, team manager or coach or have completed the Team Details page while registering a team.

"Fees" page

On this page, you'll see the following information presented:

  1. Fees 
  2. Terms and Conditions

Please see the sections below for more details about each item.


In the Fees section of the page, you'll see any fees that you are due to pay presented, as well as a sub-total.

Note that the fees are set by the Club/Association you are registering to, with the exception of the Basketball Victoria License Fee. Please reach out to the Club/Association with any queries you have regarding the their fees.

Terms and Conditions

At the bottom of the page, you'll need to tick the terms and conditions box in order to proceed to the Payment & Summary page. You can click the "terms and conditions" link in the text next to the tickbox to view additional link to all of the terms and conditions you'll be accepting.

Once you've viewed the associated fees and have accepted the terms and conditions,  you can choose the "Checkout" button to complete your payment, if required. 

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