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Viewing a grade's ladder

If you've selected a Grade from a Season's list of Grades, and are viewing the Grade's Fixtures and Results for the current round, by default, you'll notice the Ladder option available on the page. Click "Ladder":

See the screenshot and table below for more details on the information that displays. Note that there are two different types of Ladders available and the columns you see in the resulting Ladder are dependant on the ladder type selected by the competition administrator for this Grade.  For more information on the differences of these two Ladder Types, please see understanding how ladders are calculated.

Competition, Grade and Season info
The Grade name, Competition name and the Season name all display.
Fixture/Ladder selector
Select the Fixture option to once again view the Grade's Fixture and Results.
Teams in Ladder ranking order
The teams in the Grade display in Ladder ranking order. For more on how this is determined, please see understanding how ladders are calculated.
Ladder statistics
The Ladder statistics for each team display. You can hover over each column in order to see what the name of the statistic is. For more on how this is determined, again, please see understanding how ladders are calculated.
Show advanced Ladder toggle
Several Ladder statistics columns are hidden by default. You can show additional columns by enabling this option on the Ladder.
Ladder calculated from
The round that the Ladder is calculated from displays on the page. All Ladder statistics that display are calculated from this round.

Note that an Association may choose to display a Grade with no Ladder available. If this happens, you will see the following message displayed when you view the Grade's Ladder:

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