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Managing vouchers for your organisation

Your organisation can use vouchers to offer discounts to your registrants.

To start using vouchers, head to the My Organisation section of the PlayHQ Admin Portal, select the Overview section, then select the Vouchers tab.

Creating a Voucher

Select "Create a voucher" to commence configuring your voucher.

  • Name of the voucher 
    • This will also appear on the tax invoice sent to the participant, the transaction report and on checkout during the registration process
    • The name can be changed at any time
  • Amount of the discount 
    • Enter a whole dollar amount (e.g.: $10, $65, $39)
    • The amount can be changed at any time
  • Set number of times code can be applied at checkout
    • Enter a whole number reflecting the number of times the voucher can be used by registering participants
    • Once this number is reached, registering participants will not be able to use the voucher, even if it is still enabled.
  • Voucher can be applied at checkout 
    • Set whether or not the voucher can be applied (used) at checkout - turning this off will effectively inactivate the voucher; it can be turned back on to reactivate it at any time.
    • This appears as Active or Inactive on the initial page of the Voucher tab
  • Select Create to generate your unique 8 character voucher code

To make any changes to your voucher, select the Edit button to enter the settings to your voucher. You will not be able to change the unique code as this is set by the system.

Please note that only one voucher from your organisation can be used by a registering participant at checkout.

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